Collabora problem after upgrade to 3.6.0


We have been using Collabora in a long time with no problem. But after upgrading to 3.6.0 it doesn’t work anymore. It is like the settings don’t stick.

When opening a document there is a note saying: “Collabora Online is not setup yet.
Click here to configure your own server or connect to a demo server.”

When I open the settings I see my url is entered but a note saying: “Could not establish connection to the Collabora Online server.”

If I touch any setting the message changes to: “Collabora Online server is reachable.” and a geen checkmark.

But if I go to another page and back again it is back to “Could not establish connection to the Collabora Online server.”

I still cannot open any documents.

Does anyone have a clue about what’s going on?

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I’m having the same issue

HI there,

had the same problem that the app interface told me that the app could not connect to the collabora server. I have Collabora running on docker. It seemed that collabora container was not running anymore and the port had been taken. The following steps resolved the problem.

  1. Stopped the container that used the port
  2. I folllowed the update steps for updating collabora here:
  3. In addition I needed to re-enter and save the collabora server name in the collabora app settings in nextcloud. Only then the collabora was able to connect to the server.

Hope this is helpful to someone.

Did you follow any steps in advance. I duplicated your steps but still could not get it to work after upgrading. The collabora server seems to be running fine if I hit the following url . I think its a app issue becasuse if I try the demo server I still get that is server is reachable but as soon as I refresh the settings page it says it is says the server can not be reached. Thanks in advance and btw I love nextcloud and collabora

The only other thing that I did before that was to remove and install the collabora app in nextcloud in an attempt to get it running with a reinstall (which did not work). Then I started looking at my collabora server installation. I found it curious that docker ps did not list collabora container anymore after the upgrade and another container used the collabora server port instead.

hmmm thats weird

On my machine the collabora machine was running. I just removed and then stopped the docker container

Same for me. Can’t connect to collabora after updating collabora app to v3.6.0.
When chaning settings i get “Collabora Online server is reachable.” as soon as i reload the page it shows “Could not establish connection to the Collabora Online server.” and i can’t open any documents as described at the beginning of the topic.

I could not find any errors in the logs, neither in the collabora docker container nor in nextcloud.

Demo-Server works. Could be proxy related.

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Same for me, 3.6.0 did not work, a second nextcloud instance on the same server which is on app version 3.5.3 works without trouble (and yes it uses the same docker container for collab online)

So something with 3.6.0 is weird

Same here on UCS Univention Docker Installation.

This works perfectly! Thanks

I use Collabora Online 3.6.0. And it works! But i don’t use Docker. There is no problem with this app. This is a problem with the configuration of your Collabora Online server!

Its a docker installation… Problems dont exist with docker. So its a problem with the app

The docker collab installation did work since years (and yes it is up to date) Same collab docker container works with 3.5.3 , just 3.6.0 stopped to work, so it is definitely the app.

And before you ask, I did have this problem on different and in now way connected setups!

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They should have documented that there are changes in the communication!

Older setup’s miss these two lines in the apache setup for the proxy setting:

# Endpoint with information about availability of various features
ProxyPass           /hosting/capabilities retry=0
ProxyPassReverse    /hosting/capabilities

These are now necessary!

Could someone in the nextcloud universe try to writeup useful release notes ?


There should be test for missing /hosting/capabilities added instead of just silently failing?

I’ve read the posts. Everyone writes that they have the same problem. And they all don’t give any useful information about their setup.

What can anyone do to help?

Also, changes in the apache setup of Collabora Online are no problem for the Nextcloud app.

Oh, u use an apache reverse proxy, not nginx? The first part of an useful information.

It would be helpful if the app would why it failed, like: “Missing /hosting/capabilities” or something else.

Same Problem, Docker installation and Collabora Online 3.6.0 Collabora error “Online is not setup yet”.
Back to version 3.5.3 works perfectly. Will now be more careful when updating this app, it is apparently not being tested.

@helge – How do you discover the exact version of your docker container? My compose file is setup to use latest collabora docker image and it was last updated 9 days ago. When I look at docker hub I’m seeing version as the latest and not 3.6.0