Collabora Online won't open app through web browser. Only within Android app.

Describe the bug
Installed Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server (arm64) then Collabora Online within my Nextcloud Server. When opening an .ods or .odt file within any browser (tried chromium, chromium on android, firefox, edge, and gnome web), I am stuck with a ‘Loading Example.ods…’ or ‘Loading Example.odt…’ with a spinning loading wheel that goes on infinitely above the text and a cancel button below the text. I’ve tried opening both existing files and creating new files (spreadsheets, documents).

The weird thing is that if I use the Android Nextcloud App, I can access the file and edit without issue as it was prior to reinstalling and setting up my server.

Chromium Console shows:
“Opening viewer for file /Documents/Example.ods” then “oc_defaults is deprecated: use OC.theme instead, this will be removed in Nextcloud 20” then “Fetching additional files…” then “OC.Util.relativeModifiedDate is deprecated and will be removed in Nextcloud 21. See @nextcloud/moment” then “No new notification data received” and “Polling interval updated to 30000”.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to Files
  2. Open any .ods or .odt file
  3. See error

Expected behavior
Expecting the spreadsheet or document to load when clicked as it currently does within my Nextcloud Android app.

Sorry, nothing really pertinent.

Client details:

  • OS: Windows 10 (i7-9700k Desktop), Arch Linux(Thinkpad x230t), and Android 11 (Oneplus 6t)
  • Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Gnome Web, Chromium Android

Server details

Operating system: Debian Bullseye (DietPi)

Web server: DietPi on an Odroid N2 ARMv8

Database: mariadb v 15.1

PHP version: 7.4

Nextcloud version: 23.0.0

Version of the richdocuments app: ?

Version of Collabora Online: v5.0.0

I had the same issue from upgrading to NC 23. I fixed it from this: PSA: How to get collabora working on nextcloud 23! - :bento: Features & apps - Nextcloud community