Collabora CODE running on same server

what do you use for ${CODE_URL} if you installed collabora via nextcloud hub? I have a feeling that my installation doesn’t like wopi_url and public_wopi_url having the same value.

Sadly there is not really much documentation on how to configure richdocuments via occ, and even that tool is acting up.

hello @UltraBlack I split you question into separate topic - for specific issues please always create new topic and reference important sources. Please explain you setup according to required support template.

If you talking about built-in CODE there is dedicated radio button, if you happen to run CODE on the same server it’s similar to aio you can look at the setup there.

I’ve already posted a similar topic to the github issues, but it’s kinda stuck right now. I’m not using the AIO image since that’s kinda awful, and I’m really just looking for some info on the relatively small richdocuments config, not some general support. We’ve already covered most things on github

Hi, I would be interested what you find awful about it?

I tried to set it up on my local network to publish it later when I was fully done, but it’s so managed that you cannot do that properly. I ended up seemingly having to test on prod, which I was not comfortable with so I ditched the image entirely.

I’d still like some info on the richdocuments config though :wink:

You could have used a different subdomain or domain for testing but anyway

that’s a pain to set up as I have to go to the DNS admin panel, add the domain, generate an ssl cert, …
I’m not doing that.

Could I please instead get some info on the richdocuments config?

AIO would have generated the ssl cert for you automatically but anyway

Thank you for the info, szaimen. Is there a suitable solution to the question regarding information about ‘richdocuments’ configuration?