"Colabora online" vs "Onlyofice"

  1. Sorry, but to make it fully clear, If I click on the “Enable” button of the add-on, it will not be installed immediately, easily and correctly like all the others?

  2. Do you think that if I do not install it through Docker it will be harder?

What do you mean with that?

  1. correct.

  2. that depends on your system and which kernel and filesystem driver for docker are you using.

as you said!

collabora install as a docker, if you try to do witout that, still some things are get from network… as many post said in this …

personally i prefer a well integrated with vendor provided software, so then if any security fix are released, i not to be to install the complete enviroment and only the specific lib/component from vendor…

if you mean the old googleapis includes or the cloudflarestuff, they removed that. So you can run it in a closed network now too.

I have ONLYOFFICE running with docker: Docker: ONLYOFFICE not reached. Please contact admin

But have still some bugs:

  • No file converting possible
  • Sometimes looses data
  • Downloaded Onlyoffice files not working in LibreOffice
  • tbc.

But I think I have to fix the mounting options because I did not mount all recommended folders inside docker container …

can you give me more details about that part with that the files wont work in LO?
The conversion thing fits for both, and which data loss did you get?

See here: OnlyOffice and document versions