"Colabora online" vs "Onlyofice"

I’m testing both solutions. At first it seems that the OnlyOffice solution has many features.
What opinions can you give me?
Which is the best final solution?


I prefer OnlyOffice as it doesn’t require Docker, that’s the one and only reason for me not having tried Collabora.

I am using Collabora at this moment, but would like to switch to OnlyOffice. There are some features missing (like Conditional Formatting) which I do use alot. Because of that I am using Collabora.

In my opinion Collabora works nice, but does have some features missing, which I assume would be on the roadmap at some point.

OnlyOffice is better in regards to be more compatible with MS Office documents, making it easier to integrate with existing users which are used to MS Office.

Once OnlyOffice 4.5 comes out I will plan to switch over to it, unless Collabora catches up with some features.

Using OnlyOffice cause installation is much more easier and better documented than the Collabra Docker stuff as mentioned. Also the Look & Feel is more intuitive so I’ve kicked Microsoft Office from my Mac too using OnlyOffice Desktop Editors aswell. So my favorite is OnlyOffice.

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If your server is low on ram, collabora is better, if you have much spare ram left, onlyoffice might fit better.

Installation of onlyoffice is in my opinion much easier.
Had many problems with collabora with aren’t even documented…

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If you want an easy way to install Collabora, feel free to use the scripts that we use in the VM: https://github.com/nextcloud/vm/blob/master/apps/collabora.sh


I don’t want to be rude, but this script is sourcing another one from a remote location in one line:

So this is really an untrusty way of doing things.

@Glandos Did you notice it’s the same repo?


I just started to evaluate collabora but I run into a blocking feature: docker-only. So, I started to read about docker again to catch the benefits for my use case. There is no one. So, collabora gone.
Anyway, my opinion, using docker for collabora is not about technology, but business model. It is acceptable, no problem, my only opinion, lot of people just cancel to use it:

  • because it is docker-only
  • looks-like-proprietary (4example: user limit)
  • docker/collabora sucks, no way to debug or solve problem alone
  • for my use case, the complexity of the system getting higher with docker and put a high risk on the server (even I did not plan to deploy docker on bare metal… no way… google this: docker problems)
  • the rest about collabore are theoretical for me, because now I give onlyoffice a try

Collabora Online is not docker-only, the source packages of the docker image are freely available at https://www.collaboraoffice.com/repos/CollaboraOnline/CODE/ (.deb packages for Ubuntu 16.04).
Users can rebuild the docker image, and debug as they like, because the source Dockerfile is also freely available at https://github.com/CollaboraOnline/Docker-CODE
Collabora Online is open source & free software. CODE binary have user limit, which makes it suitable for home or small business use only.

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Thank you Timar for your quick answer and more precise information than I found in my quick-tour.
In this case, I will check collabora, too.
Using proxmox/zfs/lxc_or_kvm :wink:

With the .deb packages available for collabora, would it be different to point Nextcloud and the integration app to it? I’d like to run CODE on Ubuntu 16.04 without docker

Are they both exactly the same functionalities?
Perhaps the Colabora does it have the ability to edit more documents?

Colabora require the Docker for installation via the Nextcloud ( from apps ) ?

Colabora run more efficiently by the system? It also uses fewer resources than the OnlyOffice ?

Very nice that there is a variety of choices.
Is there another option?

Why are you said that the installation is difficult? Do you not install that through the Nextcloud via the apps menu?

I use both with docker, because there is less mess in the main system.
If I remove one then its gone without some leftovers.
Collabora has less features but uses fewer resources, and as far as I saw
onlyoffice does not support editing documents when you send a shared link to anyone.
Collabora does that.

No you can’t install both only via the app menu you have to do manual work for both in the backend.
Onlyoffice is less demanding with the apache/nginx config.

Yes this is a very nice feature!!
But I’ve read very little things about Docker , while experimenting often with servers to learn…Unfortunately i have not worked yet with this. Do you suggest me a good start with this?

To i fully understand… :
If I go to the app page as an administrator and click Enable here , this plugin will not be activated?

What is the procedure required to install it? Is there any reference/documentation?

In your server you have installed the Nextcloud through the Docker?

Thanks you.

The plugin is only a connector to the office-tool you chose.
I have setup NC without docker because its just a webapp with mysql,
so it doesn’t leave much garbage in the system.

The documentation is on the nc mainpage if you choose collabora, or on the onlyoffice page if you want oo.

Btw there are some scripts and manuals here in the forum, that both should work without docker, but that is pretty complicated.

maybe he already noticed, but the silence is the best answer.
Gonna try the script in a test server.
Thanks in advance for your work and for sharing it :slight_smile:

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As names said, collabora only ARE ONLINE and required many thing that are not fully integrated with server vendor software… so administrators does not have real control of security bugs…

onlyoffice can be installet complety offline that very usefully for a intranet only network…

sorry but collabora online need onluine resources that administrators does not have real control

which one for example?