Client looks weird

Hi. I succesfully installed latest Nextcloud client (3.13.1) and connected it to my local server. However, the client does not look as it should. It looks like I’m accessing it via browser, screenshot attached:

And when I try to add something to Nextcloud via Share, I get the following: “There are no Nextcloud accounts on your device. please set up an account first”. Upload does not work, nothing works except download. Same Nextcloud server works fine with another android device with same app and Windows clients. Android phone is non rooted Honor 8X with all updates (android 9, EMUI 9.1.0, biuld number 9.1.219) .
Thank you

Search all apps and start the nextcloud app. You posted a webbrowser screenshot in mobile responsive design.

No, I did not. I start Nextcloud app and I get this. It’s why I’m asking for help :slight_smile:
I tried to uninstall and install Nextcloud app several times, of course

If you don’t believe me, I’ll post a screen capture video :slight_smile:

Yes. Post a video. I think you click on a bookmark, web app or responsive android app.

Go in the Google Play Store, search the app “Nextcloud” and open the app direct in Google Play Store. Does it work?

OK, here you go :slight_smile:

Same thing happens when I click Open in Google Play

Nobody has any idea?

Is there some “mode” to choose somehow? Maybe older app version?

edit: I installed android v3.10.1, same thing. Then I tried 3.0.1 and it worked. Now I’m updating and will report back

edit no.2: yeeeeeee, it works

Short remark, your server is misconfigured! The web logiun flow should return a token to the client and then it switches to the native views. Yours didn’t seem to do this so there is some issue with ther servers configuration (not an expert on that) So that question should rather be posted to the server.

Had the same issue. mine was due to a non-supported browser on the Android device side. Installing a supported browser and setting it up as default solved the issue.