Client Desktop mac change date to 01/01/1970 after download

Hi everybody,

i have an issue with last Desktop client mac 3.3.6, on mac OS 12.1. When synchroninzing each files, the date is changed to 01/01/1970 , so after the download, the client upload files again !

do you have an idea for me ?

i only have the problem on a signle mac.

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most likely you hit this problem

it doesn’t match your client version but the problem is exactly the same… maybe the client was updated somehow (or you have another client which run the problematic version

ok thanks for the info

We have a fix for the modification date issue . The script that next cloud provided doesn’t work on snap.

Create Bash Script .

Sudo nano
Chmod 755

files=$(find . type f -newermt "1969-01-01" ! -newermt "1971-01-01")


for f in $files
touch -m $files

Lastly run this command which can take some time.

sudo nextcloud.occ files:scan --all -vvv

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