Desktop Pre Release 3.4.0-rc1 - help test!

A first release candidate for the upcoming desktop client release, version 3.4, is out for testing!

We’d love to get feedback here below or on Issues · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub !

Look how it works on win/lin/mac, click in the various dialogs and see how updating works. And of course - do things like syncing and sharing work as they should! Mac users, please check here.

You can find 'em here:

Or check (bottom right)

Let us know how things are working for you!

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I’ve hit a known bug here:
#3660 - “Remove impossible actions from entries in the main dialog. For example: Share button on deleted files.” On Win10 2004, I have both a share button and a ‘View activity’ button on every notification entry, whether they make sense or not. This includes Deck card update and sync ‘file ignored’ notifications.

Also, a maybe-not-known bug with positioning of one of the dialog boxes:
It looks like the ‘File activity’ details dialog is set to center on the Nextcloud app’s main window location, but it is wider than that window. This becomes an issue if your Windows task-bar is docked to one side of the screen, rather than the bottom. You can see part of my task-bar in this window-capture screenshot, which demonstrates the overlap:
Note: the dialog is blank because of #3660, not this bug.
Note again: This is definitely not #3443, which is about positioning of the main window. The main window positioned correctly here, just not this other dialog.

After update to 3.4 (from 3.3.x) the client started full sync and touches many unchanged files for some reason (previous version was fully in sync)… somehow it looks like the client (or server) messed the created/modified date somehow…




so far I can see now all the files are still there but the activity history is complete mess now

and it looks all the files got another “version” which results in storage consumption


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Can confirm having the same problem after upgrade from 3.3.6 to 3.4.0 - Using the client with virtual files.
Everything was synced up and working fine before this upgrade.

This is an news article about rc1.
Since final is out it makes no sense to report here.

Please report your issues at GitHub.


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We are now trying to find the cause and fix it, stay tuned for a 3.4.1 hopefully early next week.

3.4.1 is out now, sorry it took a while for me to get back here - it was released last year.