Clear logfile NOT logrotate [SOLVED]

any step by step hint howto clear the logfile

echo “” > /var/www/nextcloud.log

is not working the logs are still visible in under WEBIF (log)



auto log rotation or even a button to clear the log from within the webgui would be nice. Until this feature doesn’t exist, I help myself with the following shell command (in ubuntu):

sudo -u www-data truncate /folder/where/logfile/is/stored/nextcloud.log --size 0

Hope this helps.


clearing the log was the easy part :wink: echo does the trick too :wink:

but even with truncate and an empty log on cli
the logs are still on the gui


any ideas how to get rid of them ?

Could you check in the config.php the correct log file location and verify that you deleted exactly the same log file. Maybe you have two of them and just truncated the wrong one?

/var/log/nextcloud.log …

and yes i turncated the wrong one !

thanks for the hint … to many other things gone wrong after updating to 19.01
sloved !

I’m glad it worked

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