Cleaning up forum from outdated versions?

As NC 9.x and NC 10.x have reached their EoL wouldn’t it be helpful to put threads which are clearly referring/related to those into a kind of archive-thread? Of course still accessible but maybe all of them closed?

would that make sense? and maybe tidy the forum up a bit?

what do you guys think about it?

We haven’t tagged the version number, we could only close by date (everything before xxx must be NC10 or earlier). Or you have to go through everything manually.

The structure is not very helpful as most topics are just dumped into support. I mostly use google to find topics again.

this is no real option!

why not tagging it from now on, then?

that’s no no-brainer. i say it’ll be successful for like 80%, only

well anyways… it was just a guess. :disappointed:

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@jospoortvliet can we enable tagging please?

Done. I can create tags only to be used by staff, let me know if you want them. There are some other features, too - but let’s try this first and tune later :smiley:

Start with the basics - Server 9.0 -> Server 12.0 (Server I think is important if we add more Client/App versions later?) @tflidd your input please. Major versions for now as I don’t know if we want to be going as granular as tagging each topic with the specific version; holy balls that’d be a pain… unless users tag their own stuff and we can correct if required.

On the staff ones, I wonder if tags that get developers’ attention could be useful?
Any other usecases?

I’d indeed create tags for Server 9-12, that makes sense. Not minor versions, hell no. And clients, too.

Developer attention is always hard - I’m glad we eliminated mailing lists so at least most of them check the forums every now and then (I think).

NC 9-12 makes sense. Especially if the questions are specific to one version. If we start this a bit, users will catch this up.

I would also use more tags to specify stuff: special operating systems (CentOS->SELinux, …, NAS systems, …) and as well some unrelated network stuff or basic linux questions. LDAP? I can’t help with LDAP at all, but for someone who can it would be handy to filter via tags. Not sure if we have other similar topics. Should we just start and see what is useful or do we risk to create a huge chaos?

One tag should be used for “interesting” topics that could reveal an important bug. Could then be interesting for developers to have a look or for more experienced users to assist with debugging to gather all information for a bug report.

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Good shout @tflidd :slight_smile: the special ones are a great idea.

@jospoortvliet can you make 'em ALL CAPS please. Looks cleaner.

I believe anyone of level 3 and more can make tags. So that includes you guys - go nuts :wink:

Right you are. No caps either. :stuck_out_tongue:

the tags look good in the forum… great!

(and i discovered that i’m lvl 3 as well… ^^)

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So you are! Congrats. You can move/edit topics yourself now too :sunglasses:

so i did already… :wink:

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The nc13 tag should also be created because we already have support topics for the upcoming version, like this one: Getting URL-parameter in NC13 (Deprecated function in NC13.)

Yup, they can be created per-topic on the fly. :+1:

what about making tags for snap, vm, docker and nextcloudpi?

By all means, as you come across topics feel free to make them. Just resist the urge to go granular with version numbers and such, high-level is good enough for now.

Marking database types would be also helpful. Maybe “mariadb”, “mysql”, “postgres” would do for now?

as @JasonBayton already put out: “feel free to make them” - you’re allowed to :wink:

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