Getting URL-parameter in NC13

Hello Masters,

I did a pre-test of Audio Player with NC13alpha and get a lot of errors for
Call to undefined method OCA\\\\audioplayer\\\\Controller\\\\SettingController::params()

I am using this to read URL-parameters - and this suddenly stops working. any suggestions?
$type = $this->params('type');

use $type in your controller method, e.g.

public function params($type)

Hallo @BernhardPosselt,
could you help with some more details on what I would need to do and where?
I don´t understand the answer.

thank you,

@Rello would you mind discussing this on IRC? #nextcloud-dev

Post your nick here and ping me (I use the same nick on IRC)

Thank you @BernhardPosselt for helping out on this.
for everyone else:

the $this->$params has been deprecated and is now removed in NC13.
there is only a slight change required


public function setValue() {
$type = $this->params('type');
$value = $this->params('value');


public function setValue($type, $value) {