Changing Vue files has no effect

I’m following instructions in Building front-end code, but when I modify apps/settings/src/components/UserList/UserRow.vue while make watch-js is running, I don’t see any of my changes when looking at Settings->Users screen. Also, when I clone vueexample, follow the instructions in, and activate the app from Settings, my screen is blank, and Vue Developer add-on in Chrome does not even detect Vue presence (but at least it detects Vue in the Settings app).

Can somebody help me understand what steps I need to take to see my changes in Vue files. I’d be happy to help update any guide about Vue/PHP/Nextcloud integration based on the reply. It is just not clear for new people how the integration works.

Thank you in advance for your help.

P.S. When I make changes in PHP files, I can see them reflected in the browser. Debugging PHP and plain JS code from PhpStorm also works for me, but working with Vue is a bit of mystery.


For the general NC challenges look:

For access to the NC developer corner have:

Hope this helps.

NB This is the ‘support’ section. Please give the dev section some look.

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The latest NC code is already version 18 alpha, it is possible some docs are outdated. Thank you for pointing out the dev section, I’ll take a look.

Your are welcome. It is called agile software development, I presume.

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Maybe you could seek to make a more direct contact with the NC devs?

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Happy hacking.

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