Changing from pt_PT to pt_BR does not change the language at all

Hey there, hope you are doing well…

So, I translate a lot of phrases on transifex to pt_BR (which is the language that we use in our production NC 21.0.1).

I realized that there was some words that in pt_PT were right but in the Brazilian dictionary, they were wrong.

So I identified that even forcing the pt_BR inside the config.php it does not change the words at all.

The pt_PT is always in use and not the BR.

What can I do?

Thank you!

Hello @Beltran1337 ,

nice to see you here.

Yesterday we found out that there is a bug.
You need to report it at GitHub.

Forcing in config.php is not an option as each user can set their language individual.

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Hello mate, hope you are doing well…

Thank you for clarifying things up, I’ll do a report there.

Thank you again and have a nice weekend.


As said before please leave a link to the issue and I will try to support you.

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Hey man, here’s the link:

Thank you again!