Can't access Nextcloud through App with DNS-Domain (Web working)

Hey guys,

after changing the address from the local IP to a Subdomain I’m not able to connect to Nextcloud through the Android App (3.1 from Fdroid or GPS on Android 8.0).

So i searched in the forums and found this older thread: Android App fix
But since 3.1 does not work, and my Subdomain accesses the Server also through IPv6 (AAAA) I don’t know how to fix it.
The webinterface works just fine, through local IPv4 and through the Subdomain-address.
I also need to add, the Nextcloud Notes App works just fine. It syncs the Notes pretty fast and I used the Subdomain.
After that, i checked the access.log from apache2 and nginx and it shows nothing.
Ah, and I’m using Nextcloudplus on RPi. (But don’t think that matters)

New info: After switching off the brute force detection, the error message switched from Couldn’t connect to server to something like Sever didn’t responds fast enough.
Phone does not use a IPv6 address, so adding it into the Bruteforce whitelist isn’t possible.

Anyone know how to fix this? If you need some more info, just let me know.

Thanks in advance, Max :slight_smile: