Cannot upgrade PHP

Hi Guys,

So I use ubuntu 18.04, nextcloud 20.08 with Nginx, Redis and PHP 7.2. I’ve changed many things but it still doesnt use PHP 7.4 which is so annoying!

I log in via SSH, but i’m missing the piece where files point tot PHP 7.4 and NGinx starts to use it.

Does anyone have a step by step tutorial? Ive managed to break the update before and reverted back to 7.2. But I still want to upgrade.

Greetings Chris

Hey Chris.
This is a guide in german, howto update php from 7.4 to 8.0.
Maybe it will help you to find the missing piece.

maybe this post is also helpfull:

Well my German is quite good (I’m Dutch). And you might be right!! I am gonna check this out!


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