Cannot log into the user-end of NextCloudPi after reinstall and restoring backups, urgent help needed!

So… I have NextCloudPi running on a Pi4 and the SD card died. Not a big deal, all my data was on a raid array composed of 2 USB 3.0 drives (hey it works).

I got the data restored best I can tell (after some copying and recopying of files post config buuut… now none of the user-end (the proper web panel, not 4443) logins work, not even the new one I printed out!!!

At this point I’m absolutely desperate, I really need it for some pretty key stuff. I need a way to reset the user end stuff from either terminal or the 4443 interface, can someone please assist? All I can find is stuff on the admin password which still works but will not let me log in to user stuff (and I may have deleted my old user password from my password manager accidentally, tho that wasn’t working either)

Two questions:

  1. Nextcloud-Data data is separated into files and database. For example, all users/authorizations, etc. are stored in this database.
    Have you been able to restore both?

  2. Have you followed somehow the procedure mentioned in this NextCloudPi-Doc-Article?

Thanks for your response, when I tried to copy back the db and data from the secondary drive it seems it was corrupted. I’d been running into several oddities with NextCloud (updates having to be redone, failure to get my letsencrypt certs, failure to update dynamic DNS, transfer speeds that are well below spec for network and hardware, even given the limitations of the Pi4b) and it seemed to be I’d either be doing way too much pecking about the terminal or have to just reimage the pi again anyhow… So with the expectation I’d have to restart from scratch just to have a sync target for Joplin notes datashare I want on a few devices (mine and others who are not on the same network I installed DietPi and went with Syncthing. It was pretty painless and I wish I’d known sooner that it would work as well.

This is more an indictment on the part of the NextCloudPi project - methinks they should perhaps recommend a properly optimized OS image for SBCs like the Raspi, because Raspberry Pi OS is not where it’s at and it shows. I also may at some point put NextCloud on my DietPi install, but for the time being it seems I don’t need a full blown Apache personal cloud for my purposes.