Cannot get Collabora Code Built-in to work


I havenā€™t succeded in getting Collabora Code Built-in to work. I installed and activated both ā€œrichdocumentsā€ and ā€œrichdocumentscodeā€ apps. In the admin options, when I click on the Integrated Code Server, it simply says that the app is activated, and to go to Nextcloud Office for customizations.

When I look into the Nextcloud Office parameters menu, at first it hangs for a while, and then it says it cannot connect to the Collabora Online server, with this error:

ā€œFailed to connect to the remote server: cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 45001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received (see libcurl - Error Codes) for https://<MY_SERVER>/apps/richdocumentscode/proxy.php?req=/hosting/discoveryā€

I tried using a ā€œdemo serverā€, and it was working fine, but with the watermarks, it is not acceptable. Since this Nextcloud instance is on a web hosting service, I donā€™t think I can install a dedicated Collabora Online server. I can SSH into the web server, but I donā€™t have the rights to install system packages, or docker files.

But apparently this Built-in app should be working ā€œout of the boxā€, but there is something wrong here. Any help?

This is a Nextcloud instance I installed manually from the .tar archive, on a Red Hat Linux server, with Apache and MariaDB. I can configure things through cPanel, or by SSHing into the server.

Thanks a lot for your help

you must ensure the system can access the built-in CODE instance using ā€˜https://<MY_SERVER>/apps/richdocumentscode/proxy.php?req=/hosting/discoveryā€™ often this is not the case. you can check using curl from SSHā€¦ Depending on your setup hosts entry could be sufficientā€¦ if troubleshoot by checking DNS and review which IP it wants to connect and if there is an issue with routing/firewalls etcā€¦