Cannot achieve communication between two devices

I am having an issue with my configuration and I am not exactly sure how to diagnose the problem. I am attempting to have two IOS and/or android devices communicate between each other. I have performed the attempt from both the WAN and LAN, the devices are being found but that is all I get. When I initiate the conversation the receiving device is aware of the communication request and ask to accept the call, once I accept the call I get the following message: nextcloud talk waiting to join call.

Basic settings: CertOS 7 version 3.10.0-693.17.1.v7.x86_64, Nextcloud version 13.0.1, coturn

Any suggestion would be welcomed and appreciated. Regards

@mario and @Nemskiller Can you help here? Saw you being very helpful in the News thread for Talk already :slight_smile:

Am I right that the iOS app is still not fully supporting Talk and communicating with other devices via Talk?

Can you show me your TURN config in the Nextcloud admin interfce?

iOS should be just fine :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. Is there a TURN public server that I can use?

Nop. At least not one that’s free that I know of :slight_smile:

What caught us out on this was that the UI for the settings suggests that the address for the TURN server should be written in the form https://turn.server.address:port when actually it needs to be inthe form turn.server.address:port - i.e. not using the https:// prefix

This should have been fixed in latest release AFAIK.

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Was only able to get the chat functionality to work and little answer to my above question? I have abandoned talk for the use ojsxc, where I have had more success.

You never answered my original reply so how can I help further? Also, what versions of the mobile apps?

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Oops sorry, The thread is a little convoluted & I did not realize that the question was for me.

My son was the Android tester with his phone, most of this project was for him, but he left for Shanghai yesterday. I live in Canada so the testing is going to be a little challenging. What is strange is I caN communicate between two pc’s with the chat but no sound or video, same for the IOS devices though did not see any chat capabilities.

Chat on mobile is still to come. Two things you need to change:

a) I suggest you use just one STUN server, so delete one
b) Remove https:// from the TURN server configuration

And voila, it’ll all work! :slight_smile:

Indeed that resolved my issues. Thanks many times Mario.

You’re welcome, glad it’s working now.

Do we need the app to be installed in the server to make talk work?

No. You need Talk app from the App store.