Can not share to LDAP Users and Groups

I have the LDAP plugin active and it seems to work well, LDAP users, groups and e-mail addresses show in the nextcloud user and group list.

The users can log in and use their folders… however sharing is not functional.

Whatever I use: Username, Group, Part of the Name or email will not be found by the search algorithm, thus no sharing is possible. Do I miss something?

Additional information: I try to establish a workaround creating a local group (within nextcloud) and figured out that in the share dialog as well this group can’t be found. However activating “file access control” and creating a filter the groups - local and ldap - are listet complete and without a hassle.

Compared to nextcloud 9 I have a great deal of performance issue, it is veeeeeeeery sloooooow…

Thank you for your suggestions!

??? Of a sudden (1 night passed) it works again… no reboot, no server stop and start… now the search function works as expected.

I was not completely right… The LDAP groups show up after a certain time, however I am not able to search for gecos or uid in the share dialogue. Only entering the complete user string delivered from LDAP ( like 8c66c3a5-482c-4d58-b4bd-a4w391e573a4 and displayed as the nextcloud user) the user will be found.

So far I was not able to transfer the loginname (UID) to the nextcloud user.

So may be somebody can guide me a little.

Thank you!


Hi Bert,

I’m also dealing with LDAP users. [quote=“Bert, post:3, topic:3410”]
So far I was not able to transfer the loginname (UID) to the nextcloud user.

On LDAP configuration panel, there is a Specialist tab (not sure about the name in English - the right-most tab). There, in the first configuration field you should say which LDAP field should be considered your username.



I have a similar issue - see NC 11.0.1 + LDAP - remote users receive a sharing Email with UID instead of name.