NC 11.0.1 + LDAP - remote users receive a sharing Email with UID instead of name


I upgraded my server to 11.0.1, and have been experiencing this issue since. When sharing a folder/file with a remote user, a sharing Email is sent, but instead of looking like “Donald shared »TEST« with you”, it looks like “260XXDE5-FX17-XXXX-XXXX-D04XF48XA91F shared »TEST« with you”.

Also, the sender name has changed to “files” (lower case) instead of " Files Exchange". Test Email is sent successfully.

Any idea?

Hi Ron,

The place where you tell NextCloud which is your ldap uid is set at LDAP > Expert > Internal Username . The value there must be your LDAP uid (e.g. ‘cn’).

best regards,

Hi Alan,

I don’t think this is the issue in my case since when sharing internally, everything is OK. Only when I share to an external Email I get this issue.
Furthermore, this issue started since I upgraded to NC 11.0.1 from 10.0.2 so it looks more like a bug than a configuration.
I am also receiving “template file not found” errors in the mail template editor, could this be the root cause of the issue?


I’m afraid this was the only guess I had, since I’m also new to NC.

But what I can say for sure is that you did not configure your Internal Username, otherwise your uid would not be 260XXDE5-FX17-XXXX-XXXX-D04XF48XA91F, but “donald”. However, if you change it now, old users will remain with this ugly uid .

I noticed that the code of files-sharing app changed completely from 10 to 11. The exact location where the subject is set is at , lines 201 or 205. But since I’m still on 10, I cannot go any further.

Good luck!

Hi Alan,

Thank you for your assistance, I hope one of the developers sees this thread and look into it…

There is the fix…