Can I use the web installer to upgrade from Hub 23 to 24?

What the title says. If I upload the installer page to my webhosting space (where my NextCloud instance is) and open it in my browser, will it install over the previous version and save my data and settings?

Ask your webhosting space for assistance in making sure everything goes smoothly. They can answer any questions on how your setup works.

Since you have no further details, good luck with it. Make backups first.

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Hi @Taxicletter

Did you read the docs about how to upgrade…?

I highly recommend to use the built in updater if your on a shared webhosting space!

In theory you can also do a manual upgrade. In order for this to work, you need CLI access to your web space. Here are the instructions:

Do read carefully and don’t try anything unless you are sure that your web hosting platform meets all the requirements to perform the upgrade like that!

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Thank you bb77,
Yes, I read that information. I will do it like that, but wanted to know if the web installer was easier.
The built in updater got stuck 3 times in a row. First two times with the downloading step, then with the backup-step. Luckily my webhost service could quite fast restore my data, but after 3 times I’m hesistant to try the built in updater again. Also, can I use the built in updater to go from 23 tot 24?

The web updater within Nextcloud should work perfectly.
Thanks for testing it and reporting your progress.

Yes, but you need to contact your webhost because the problem is related to their exact setup. Ask them to verify what is going wrong during your update using the actual logs. They can help you confirm any errors, check logs, figure out whether you are using proper PHP modules, which PHP version you are using, etc.

Since you have provided zero technical details, contact your webhost and ask them to help you with the upgrade. They should be able to help you out easily.

Since you do not understand how to check your webhosting setup we cannot help you, so your webhost is definitely the one to ask directly. It is their job to help you. :smile_cat:

You could also try to fill out our support forum, if you are able to log into your webhost and provide these needed details yourself:

Hi @Taxicletter,
You are missing the required support template. Please fill this form out and edit into your post.

This will give us the technical info and logs needed to help you! Thanks.

With my next question, I used the form.

I don’t think you can use the built-in updater to go to 24, because that updater only proposes 23.0.9. Or do I have to update 2 times?

Yep. One version number at a time.

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