Can get DAVx5 work with Two-Factor TOTP Provider

I found an old topic about this but with no solution.

I am using NC 25.0.2 with Two-Factor TOTP Provider 7.0.0. Problem is when any user enables TOTP it is not possible anymore to sync with Davx5. When connecting for the first time on Davx5 the TOTP needs to be disabled for login, but even after login if TOTP gets enabled sync stops working. Does anyone know how to make TOTP and Davx5 work together?

It was kind of easy in my case. I’m not sure, can look it up later, in Settings → Security there is the possibility to create a “device-passwort”. Create this and use it instead of your account password. And everything works fine.

I don’t see this option @REAPERSbattlecry do you use Two-Factor TOTP Provider 7.0.0 or maybe another app?

Actually the solution has nothing to do with the totp version.
In your account you can allow devices to access your account with a single password regardless of Totp.
Actually the client for windows / Linux does this as well. So you can allow your davx5 to access the files.
Path is Settings → Personell → Security.

Actually I recommend you the same solution as in your linked post

You are right, it works. The option to add a password for a device is a bit hidden in this page but I found out.

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