Issues with TOTP 2 factor authentification and DAVx5

Hello I’m new with nextCloud and have configured for the first time.

In the first step I configured without 2 factor authentification.
Nextcloud works fine and on my android smartphone with the DAVx5 App I can sync my calendar successfull.

Then I have seen that nextCloud has got the option for 2 factor authetification.
I have configured and the login works fine with 2 factor authentification (FreeOTP App creates the code).

But since I have activated 2 factor authentification the App for CalDav (DAVx5) show me an login error. If I disable 2 factor authentification DAVx5 works fine again.

How to use 2 factor authentification for nextCloud login AND DAVx5 for calender sync?

Anybody has got a solution?

kind regards,

You have to generate app passwords. Once 2FA is on, you can’t have clients connect to your Nextcloud using the plain login password.

Sorry, can you please explain more detailed. What do you mean with “you have to generate app passwords”?

I have used FreeOTP and its OCR function to scan the OCR code in nextCloud admin section (security) to create and activate 2FA login. This works fine.

But how to create and use the 2FA method with the DAVx5 app?


Thank you so much, no the connection with DAVx5 app works fine.

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