Call for testers: Mail v1.3

Hello Mail users and developers :wave:,

we’re very happy to be able to push a big release soon. It will come with one major change: the message cache. This means the app will now keep a local copy of your mailboxes’ content. This does include all relevant header information of your emails, but not the body. This speeds up the app noticeably and lower the number of necessary connection to the IMAP server. For server with limited IMAP capabilities, the mail server load will also be lower.
As a user, you’ll see a much faster user interface as we now read the data from a local database instead of contacting the external IMAP server each time. This also means that our search functionality has become more usable as the results show almost instantly. For search in the message bodies we still have to ask the IMAP server, though.

There are many other awesome features like being able to view the source of an email to check headers :rocket:

We want the release to be smooth, so we’re calling for testers of pre-release tarballs. Last Friday we had a beta 2 beta 3 RC1. There are a few quirks, but you should be able to use the app as it is now. Please help us test and report back everything that smells like a :bug: :slight_smile:

As always, don’t deploy to a critical production system and run your backup procedure before replacing the stable app.

I’ll update this post with the follow-up pre-releases to keep you posted. So subscribe to this thread if you would like to get notified :slight_smile:

The Nextcloud Mail team


Another app maintainer made this request, and IIRC the process for installing the beta was relatively involved, requiring command line and git and the like. Not the best way to encourage ordinary users to test! Not your fault, of course.

Would it be too much to ask for a pointer here to a 1-2-3 on how to proceed? If only to reduce the pain for other users seeing this request.

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  1. Make a backup
  2. Remove apps/mail
  3. Download the linked mail.tar.gz
  4. Extract it at apps
  5. Open the web interface and run the update

Hope this helps.


Hello @ChristophWurst how to test this version ?

You can report any issues you encounter on the project Github page. Be sure to tell them what Beta version you are running.

See Call for testers: Mail v1.3

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@ChristophWurst Will this thread get updated with the new beta release or will you start a new thread?

Here’s the beta 3: I’ve also updated the original post :slight_smile:


RC1 is ready :rocket:


Hi everyone,
i installed this new version but I do always have an issue about the display window.
The message still doesn’t take the whole screen ?
I don’t know how to fix it. Please help me.
Show the screen…
I hope anyone have got a solution.
Thank you. Regards


I have to modify wich file ?
Add wich code on wich file ?
It’s not clear for me.