Calendar - Notification by email not working

I installed NextCloud recently. The version is Nextcloud Hub 4 (26.0.0).
I configured the email settings and the test emails are sent.
I wanted to enable notifications for the Calendar events, but the only options available are for the modified events.
I found a topic mentioning an option “Event”, but I don’t have it, in the Admin.

I found a related topic from last year, as well as a bug report, on GitHub.

GitHub says it was fixed, but the option is still missing.

Any idea?

I’m using Calendar 4.3.3 together with NC 25.0.5 and can see the following notification options under Administrative settings > Management > Activities > Default settings:

I can see that too (in English, though), but those concern only the update event.
I’d want to send an email as a reminder, depending on the event’s configuration.
There’s an option to send an email, 1H after a notification was triggered, but it’s not ideal to use that.
There should be an option to send Calendar notification directly by email.

If you open an appointment in your calendar, you can scroll down to the notification section and click on the 3 dots button. In the opening window you can select if a notification should be send by push notification or email.

Oh! I didn’t see that. Thanks :slight_smile: