Calendar 3.2.0 - email notification option disappeared

Hello everyone,

I have posted a bug report here, but wanted to ask the community in case I am being stupid.

I updated to calendar 3.2.0 and found the email notification option missing. There is no way to set a notification to be via email, or to change existing notification settings to/from email.

Surely this is a bug, but not sure if it has to do with something special about my setup or not. Is everyone else seeing this?

Without logs, it is hard to say. Can Nextcloud send other type of mails? It might be just a problem that you can’t send out mails, misconfiguration of the smtp stuff, or the mail server is rejecting the mails, …

I don’t use smtp directly, I pass through ssmtp which gives you a bit more logs regarding mail servers and some more configuration options.

No, there is no problem with Nextcloud sending the emails. The problem is the ‘Email’ radio button that shows when you press on the three dots next to a notification set on a calendar event does not show at all.
It doesn’t show either the ‘notification’ or the ‘email’ radio buttons, both have disappeared completely.

I reverted back to Calendar 3.1.0 and the radio buttons appeared again. All email notifications are sent and delivered promptly.

Same problem here. Upgraded to 3.2.0 and the email radio button is missing.

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As per the discussion in the GitHub bug report I linked in my OP, this seems to be a bug resulting from an intentional change. In my understanding they tried to allow for the removal of the notification options, but it wasn’t supposed to be forced, there’s supposed to be a setting somewhere where you can choose to see them or not (at least I hope that’s the case).

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i’ve searched and cannot find the setting where you can choose to see them or not.