Calendar Nextcloud: Adding Members without using the mail app ++ Creating categories

Hey guys,

I am having some troubles with our Nextcloud calendar. I have already searched the threads but couldn’t find help.

When I want to add a member / existing user of our cloud to an event (our calendar is shared) there are only moving circles and the user is not being added to that event. I always must reload the whole web cloud page.

I think, he has the same troubles: (Can't create calendar event with existing user)

But he is using the mail plugin for nextcloud. We don’t do so, because our concern has his own mail-server, and it cannot be connected with the nextcloud mail app.

So, is it necessary to use the mail app if I want to add a user to an event? I thought it would be possible without it…

I have the same problems with adding own categories to a calendar event. Just moving circles and a loading web page…

Has anyone any ideas?

Greetings - Anne

Mail and Calendar don’t share any connection. The one is a frondend for the Nextcloud CalDAV backend. The other is a frontend for an arbitrary IMAP server.