Calendar invitations not working

Hello all,

when I create a calendar event and add some attendees (by e-mail) no invitation is sent.
E-Mail and the groupware setting is properly configured (and working). I am not using shared calendars.

I am using Nextcloud 19.04, but the issue was also present with Nextcloud 18.x

Any ideas how this could be fixed?

Thank you very much!

No ideas? Any hint is highly appreciated… Is it worth re-installing nextcloud?

Same here. Please also see my posting: No meeting request/calendar invitation sent out by the server

It does work in Thunderbird when setting it up to “client based invitations”.
I belive it is a bug in NC. I’m on 20.0.1.

I am glad I’m not alone with that issue. Do you know any workaround for iOS?

I too am experiencing this bug. Invitations work in some cases and not in others.

Also I notice that If I update an invitation to someone that has received a calendar invite (e.g. add a link to Jitsi), it does not update on their end. The same seems to be true for subscribed calendars - an update in NextCloud does not appear on the subscriber’s calendar.

Any info to share is greatly appreciated.

In 21.0.0 beta3 it works!