Calendar: How to disable calendar emails to participants?

Today I imported two ICS files that I took from invitation emails from Google Calendar into my Nextcloud 12 calendar using the LineageOS default calendar app.

Unfortunately the ICS file contained several participants with their email addresses and Nextcloud automatically sent invitation emails to all those people. When I removed the participants from the event, those people got yet another email saying that the event was cancelled.

Question: How can I prevent the Nextcloud calendar app from sending any email?

From this pull request there is supposed to be a GUI option but I don’t see it, it looks like the option is in the code so you can do it via an occ command. No idea if it actually works or not.

sudo -u www-data php occ config:app:set dav sendInvitations --value no

It’s in NC13. :wink:

Haha so it is oops