Calendar app: Sending invitation mails when you are not the owner of the calendar

If I read correctly, it is not possible to send invitation mails to attendees when I use a shared calendar, i.e. when it’s not my calendar.

Is there any workaround / plugin for this? Because this is a real important feature for us. We use about 7 calendars with about 16 employees of a company. Of course only one of them created (and shared) these calendars, but everyone needs to create events and invite people.

The funny thing is that when I cancel an event, the mail is sent! Why not when creating it?


8 months have passed, I didn’t find a solution, yet.

How do other companies handle this? Does every employee have it’s own calendar?

I ran into the same problem, that invitations are not being sent when the editor is not the owner of the calendar - although he can create the event.
I can’t offer a solution, but I am interested where you have read that this is the intended behaviour, @bvp. Can you share a link?

This is tracked in Send invitations for shared calendars · Issue #26668 · nextcloud/server · GitHub. It’s tricky.