CADViewer app available in NextCloud appstore

CADViewer, an AutoCAD, Microstation, TIFF, and other format viewer is now integrated into NextCloud and is available from the NextCloud AppStore.
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I don’t see any 3D CAD formats, like SolidWorks or Solid Edge. Are there any plans for that?

CADViewer is a 2D viewer. Those 3D formats it does support are only at “2D view of a 3D object” level. We have a 3D viewer and that may be released for NextCloud later if there is sufficient interest.

Of course there is! :heart:


Error opening a DWG, see attached

Meh stupid forum won’t let me upload, but it says “Server side conversion error, AutoXchange responded with errorcode: E126”

Hi, E126 is typically a conversion not working because of permissions. Have you done the permission settings on executable and folders, as in the documentation? CADViewer app available in NextCloud appstore

Typically that error is because the AutoXChange executable and various folders have to have execute or read/write permission. This is explained in the ReadMe which is available on GitHub from the AppStore.
You can get direct support via email.

Now we just need an STL previewer that’s compatible with the current versions!

I’d be interested

I installed the app. When i open a .dxf i can view the file, but there is a text printed:

for demonstration purposes only tailor made software

How can i hide this message?