Unable to view dwg file in cadviewer app

i am using nextcloud 24.0.0
I鈥檝e installed cadviewer 9.17.2 via the apps section.
Uploaded the dwg file but i cannot find how to view it. I can only download it from my nextcloud.
Can you help me ?

repo issue at cadviewer 9.17.2 doesn't work at nextcloud 24.0.0 路 Issue #71 路 CADViewer/NextCloud 路 GitHub

Are you followed the onfiguration steps described here?

Yes, and i use 鈥淐adviewer Doctor鈥 to see if there is any problem. Let鈥檚 look at any log file to see if i have any errors ?

Doctor shows red icon whatever it means鈥
鈥淧ermission 777 for the 鈥渁x2023_L64_xx_yy_zz鈥 executable鈥
but the situation is
ls -l | grep ax2023_L64_23_12_120

-rw-r----- 1 www-data www-data 95025544 Nov 21 11:52 ax2023_L64_23_12_120

P.S. I fixed it with chmod 777. Why do i need to do it manually鈥

I am working through the nginx revers proxy maybe there is the reason ?

did a2enmod rewrite
it become better - with
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !/apps/cadviewer/converter/php/.
RewriteRule . index.php [PT,E=PATH_INFO:$1]
i got 鈥淭he user experience is that the canvas is white and the 鈥渓oading鈥︹ modal will keep appearing on the screen when attempting to load a file.鈥 and 鈥渄etails鈥 of dwg and other files shows 鈥淓rror while loading the file data鈥. No records at logs i found useful. What can i do anymore ? I do all at the GitHub - CADViewer/NextCloud: CAD viewing, markup and collaboration on NextCloud for AutoCAD, MicroStation and advanced raster graphics. - it doesn鈥檛 help.

Hi, same issue here.
all the permissions are set as described on git
rewritecond also corrected
anyone resolved this issue ?

did you check if the path for apps is the correct ?
Mine was custom_apps so I had to write:
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !/custom_apps/cadviewer/converter/php/.
anyway, it didn鈥檛 resolve anything but maybe it will work for you

yes. Path is correct. I gave up.

Ask on their git repo

I did that, no luck

Could you please post a link.