Bug in video play because of folder and/or file - name?

Nextcloud: https://emma.cloud.tabdigital.eu

I found in the internet a public link:


I can not play the video “1. learning the numbers 0-10.mp4” (487 MB).
Please test it.

With browser F12 (network analysis) i found a file is not found (HTTP 404):


Download works but not streaming.

If i copy the file (with federated cloud sharing) to my test folder also on emma.cloud.tabdigital.eu with another folder and name it works:

Test it:

Is there perhaps a problem with long folder and file - names or special characters?
Perhaps it is a bug or a feature.

I see several &-characters and spaces in the file name and path which both could cause trouble in an url. I would test the following things to narrow down the problem:

  1. get rid of the &-characters in the directory name.
  2. remove all spaces from the file name.
  3. remove all spaces from the directory names.

Ok. I think i test all names in the original structure to find the error.

Here is a screenshot.


Ok i tested it. The problem is the folder “colours & numbers & animals” with the two “&”. It also do not work with one “&”.

(thre files, first folder ok, both subfolder an error)

Is it a bug or a feature becaus of “&” in folder names?
Why is it possible to use “&” in folders?
Are there only problems with video streaming?

I think i will delete the data in a few days.
Perhaps someone want to test it a few days.

I think that the &-characters in the path name are not correctly encoded. In an url such a character should usually be encoded as “&”, because otherwise it could be interpreted as a separator of optional parameters, e.g.

                                        ^^^      ^^^

Can you write an issue on github or elsewhere? I can not do it.


%20 = Space = ok
%26 = & = ok ?

010 0110 046 38 26 [&](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ampersand)

You’re right, it looks like the encoding is done correctly at this point. Probably a kind of double encoding is done which prevents the correct interpretation of the url?!

Opening an issue ticket is really easy and can be done be everyone. :wink:

Hope it is correct: https://github.com/nextcloud/photos/issues/342

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Just for reference, there is another thread concerning this: Videoplayer: Error loading filename.mp4