Bug in Nextcloud 28.0.2 - expiration date is in the past

Hi. I upgraded three Nextclouds to Nextcloud 28.0.2 and there is a bug (see issue 43243 for RC5). Also thanks to @Slem and his thread.

If i set exipration date it is marked as tomorrow 02.02.2024 but i can not change it. I get the error in the screenshot.


If you need expiration date please do not upgrade to Nextcloud 28.0.2.


Unfortunately I did upgrade before seeing this … I’m seeing the same exact problem, whatever the date I put, either using the calendar widget or entering it manually. I even tried mm/dd/yyyy in case it was some problem with the date format (in french I have dd/mm/yyyy).


Ugh. I seem to be running into a form of this problem. I have my sharing set up to have a default expiration, but now that value can’t be changed via the “customize link” menu.

You can set a default expiration in admin settings. Hope that helps you.

I have the same problem with 28.0.2. Setting a default expiration date in admin settings makes no difference in my case.

In the 28.0.3 RC1 I can‘t reproduce it.
Release on Thursday, maybe it helps :smiling_face:

On my test system Nextcloud 28.0.3 RC1 there is still the bug. :coffee: :tea: