Broken share URLs after extrenal storage change

We use nextcloud to give www access to files from our internal SMB share. So, it is connected to nextcloud as external storage and uses IP address of internal server.
We made hardware upgrade and migrate all data from old server to new. After that we change conncection settings to new server (change only IP). It is connected OK, but all our external shares URL occured to be broken. Is it anyway method to keep all URL shares working?
There hundreds of them…

it’s hard to judge from little details you shared… so I’m guessing a little.

If you create new external storage this results in new records in NC database (independent from the content)… so all shares pointing to the old location are broken… if you change existing storage all the shares should keep working…

There is a share renamer app to rename existing shares - you might learn from the code how the share are stored and update them… I remember discussions how different storages are defined in the DB in this forum but don’t find any quickly…

In general you can prepare for such scenario in advance - always use DNS record (or even better CNAME) - so you can easily change the IP of the real server without changing applications accessing it.