ShareRenamer: App for renaming shared links - Now available in the app store


I was looking for a Nextcloud app which allows renaming of shared links and found out that there are already similar feature requests in the Nextcloud forums or on GitHub. On all these requests, a link could be found for a GitHub repo:

So, such an app was already around for some time, but unfortunately it never made it to the Nextcloud app store. All requests about an app store release came to nothing.

I was never into web development, but by looking at the source code, I thought, that it couldn’t be very hard to prepare the app for a proper release in the app store. So, I simply forked the repo and took a closer look at the source code: The app still needed some polishing to match the quality of other apps.
Even worse was the fact that the app would have stopped working with the upcoming release of Nextcloud 14 because the UI was changed when sharing links.

So I revised the whole app code and just released the app ShareRenamer on the Nextcloud app store a few minutes ago:

The GitHub repo for future development can be found here:
Please use the issue tab on GitHub when you’re facing any problems with the app:
You can also help with translating the app at Transifex:

I want to point out, that this is not “my app”: The app already existed and I just made some really small adjustments. Special thanks go out to the original developers and to @MorrisJobke who helped to set up the translations at Transifex!

The app was around for some time, but now the install process is really made simple by just using the app store.



Just uploaded new release of the app: With v1.5.0 you can now also rename links directly in the Gallery app.


have you planned a version for Nextcloud 18?

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Yes, but I’ll need an extension of the NC API first. So this will take some time.


I had this functionality in Pydio and it helped a lot remembering upload URLs. Now switching to NextCloud 19 I am wondering why this is not a standard functionality.
Surely you can guess a link but this should not be a problem with a strong password…

So if you investigated on the NC API and made the App working again it would be wonderful

Due to lack of time I cannot maintain the app anymore. So I’m looking for a new maintainer for the app, see here.

Maybe I already found someone, but I cannot tell when the app will be in active development again.