Bookmarks under IOS-devices

Hi all,

I have been using Nextcloud for a few years now and very satisfied. Besides synchronizing files/pictures, contacts, passwords and calendars, I also use it for my bookmarks. Bookmarks are synchronized on the Windows computer with the floccus extension and on the Android smartphone with the Bookmarks app. This works without any problems.
Now I still have ipad and miss the synchronization of bookmarks. Even after a long search I have not found. There was once an app “nextbookmark”, but this is no longer available. Also, I once read a solution with shortcuts (Bookmark support inside iOS app), but seems under ios 15 also no longer work.
How do you handle the bookmarks under ios devices?


No ideas or people who use bookmarks on iOS devices?

I’m currently trying to get floccus approved for the iOS App Store

Wow, sounds great. Also as an extension for the browser (Firefox, Edge, Chrome or Safari) or as a standalone app?

Only standalone app

floccus for iOS is now available on the app store


I have tested it for a few weeks now and it works well. Thank you very much for your work.