Bookmark support inside iOS app

Hi Nextcloud Community,

I’m new to Nextcloud, but let me start with saying - what an amazing project.

I’m currently looking for the best way to replace my current workflow using to collect Links via the Nextcloud Bookmark app. Having the “Add to Nextcloud” button in my Desktop browser works well, but I’m also collecting a lot of links via my Smartphone ( iOS in my case ).

I was wondering if there have been discussions to add basic links collection support to the current Nextcloud iOS app. I was searching here in the forum and also on GitHub, but I couldn’t find anything related.

Has this been discussed before somewhere?

Thanks in advance

Thanks @just

I don’t know if any NC iOS devs are reading the forums, but could it be considered to be added? Or is there a strict separation between the core sync functionality and any apps support?

I understand that not every app can be supported in the core iOS app, but as Bookmark is one of the official ones it would make sense to have basic support.

I take back my request as you can elegantly solve this problem with a new iOS 12 Shortcut.
I have attached my Shortcut in case somebody else is interested in this.

  • Replace %server_url% in the screenshot with your real Nextcloud url + bookmark app path
  • Replace <hash> with the HTTP Basic Authentication for your user account. The algorithm for this is
    base64(YOUR_USERNAME:YOUR_PASSWORD). You could use a site like to calculate this. Simply put your username + “:” + password in the text box e.g. foo:bar and click “encode”. You should only use this with your HTTPS endpoint as it’s fairly easy to decode your credentials in case you use this on some public WiFi / Network.

Workflow to add a bookmark to NC

  1. In Safari simply share a website
  2. Choose Shortcuts
  3. Choose your newly created shortcut which sends the passed in current website url to your Nextcloud Bookmark app.


Based on your shortcut I started digging into iOS shortcuts. I wanted to get the other half of the bookmarking experience to - reading.
In Firefox I use floccus for syncing. On iOS I found no way to read my bookmarks.
Here is a first try for a iOS shortcut. It uses tags instead of folders.
Maybe this is useful to someone else.

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