Bookmarks app with floccus creates extra items and missing others

Hi, I have recently installed Nextcloud with bookmarks app and floccuss browser extension.
Fluccus does sync but it creates extra folders and also missing some items on other browsers.

Why is there Bookmarks and Bookmark Bar and seems like almost a duplicate
See image

All computers are using the same nextcloud account to sync with floccus.

I’m wondering if I remove all folders from nextcloud will it look bookmarks on brower, or remove from browsers and sync from nextcloud again.
export from one browser and save, then remove everything from everywhere and try again ? I don’t know but I think I did this already and the duplicate folders of different name seems to continue ?

Please advise thanks.

Screenshot (111)_LI


floccus doesn’t do magic, but can only sync the folder structure that exists in the particular browser it is installed in. I suggest you have a look at the bookmarks structure in all your browsers. Some may have a bookmarks bar folder, others may not or have different folders. By default, floccus syncs the root folder, but you can also select specific folders to be synced. I suggest to select in each browser, a folder to match what you selected in other browsers.

missing some items on other browsers

These are likely browser-specific links like chrome://. The bookmarks app currently only supports http(s) and ftp links.

Thanks for the replies.
I check the bookmarks folder from within the browser and it looks like this.
I have no idea what is a typical sync on nextcloud should look like by default.
Should I even have anything called Bookmarks Bar ?

I don’t know where these 2 different sets are coming from. All 3 computers have the same structure that looks like this.

Screenshot (112)

With this structure you shouldn’t have a Bookmarks Bar folder, I think. Which browsers do you sync to?

I use Dissenter which is basically Brave browser.

The only thing I remember about a bookmarks bar is that firefox had this.

My bookmarks are exported originally from firefox, then eventually imported to edge.

Then when I ditched edge I exported again, then imported to Dissenter.

I open the saved bookmarks.html and it looks straight forward. No bookmarks bar or anything there.

I have no idea where this bookmarks bar could be coming from.

I will have to experiment some more perhaps export bookmarks, delete all bookmarks from each computer.

Then one computer at a time sync up empty browser and see if bookmarks gets created.

Then if all goes well, then I’l import bookmarks to one single computer and monitor things from there.

Then the next, then the next until I can find out which device, sync, app is causing this.

It’s just weird

Please be aware that, if you have a browser that has built-in folders like bookmarks bar, other bookmarks etc. (like, e.g. Chromium, Firefox) You may have to select one of those instead of the root folder to sync your brave bookmarks with that browser, because adding entries to the root folder is not allowed in those browsers.

Interesting, I’ll have to check this and that might be the problem, thanks.

When setting up floccus, it shows local folder as /
Then if I change it the main directory says “unknown”
Under this is Bookmarks. If I select Bookmarks then sync fails.

I did noticed that nextcloud shows a folder in the folder section called Bookmarks. I did not notice this before.

I removed it and also the folder called Bookmarks in the Bookmarks app.

This leaves me with ONLY a folder called Bookmarks Bar.

Now in the android app a folder appears called Bookmarks that is not in the Bookmarks app but only in the folders section.

This is sort of weird because I don’t know how Bookmarks Folder arrived in the folders section or in the Bookmarks apps.

It’s starting to look like the browser is using Bookmarks Bar as default folder but there is no such Bookmarks Bar folder in the browser anywhere that I can tell.

It’s very confusing.

Here is what floccus looks like
Screenshot (116)

and this

I struggle to understand this sentence.

If you want, you can join one of the public chat rooms for the project to sort this out:

Thanks for the reply.

So let me clarify. I saw a folder on nextcloud by clicking the folder icon at the top of the page and in the folders list there was a folder called “Bookmarks”. I have no idea where this came from or why it’s there.

This folder also exists on the android app when navigating to the folders and looking at all the other folders there. In the folders list there is also a folder called “Bookmarks”.

However, nextcloud has a app that can be installed called Bookmarks. This app creates an icon at the time of the page that looks like a star or favorites start type icon. When click on this from a PC there is a folder list. 2 folders exists there only. Bookmarks, and Bookmarks Bar.

So I removed the unexplained Bookmarks folder from within the folder list. The one that you navigate to by way of clicking on the folders icon at the top of the nextcloud dashboard.

I deleted this folder.
I also deleted the folder in the bookmarks app called “Bookmarks”
The one that you navigate to from the bookmarks icon at the top of the dashboard.

However, in the android app, the Bookmarks folder still exists. I don’t know why.
I deleted it from android as well and now it seems that the Bookmarks folder no longer comes back.

I do not know if this is suppose to be there by the book marks app installed or if it’s something else.

I just don’t know why it’s there but it seems to have interfered with my bookmarks syncing somehow.

Now all I have left is “Bookmarks Bar” located in the book marks app icon only. No other reference to bookmarks exists in the folder list except for clicking on the icon the top of the dashboard that says bookmarks.

Clicking on bookmarks app icon shows only one folder “Bookmarks Bar”.

I’m ok with this as long as it works correctly, but I just don’t know why there was this other folder called Bookmarks or why it also existed in my bookmarks app as well.

Thanks for the help and I hope I have it working now, but not really confident about it.

Here is a better picture of the 2 things: folder and bookmarks app in the dashboard.
Screenshot (118)_LI

Ah, I see. The Bookmarks folder in your files is from the bookmarks app. Bookmarked Files will be downloaded and archived to the Bookmarks folder in the Files. The bookmarks folder in your Bookmarks app is probably from your Browser as there is a Bookmarks Folder visible in the second screenshot you posted in this thread.

Yeah but the problem is that none of the “Bookmarks” match what is in the browser. Only the folder called “Bookmarks Bar” seems to sync anything. And the Bookmarks folder in the files section doesn’t match anything that I can tell but when it’s in the files section and in the app it seems to mess things up.

If I remove all of those folders from nextcloud and “Push” sync from browser back to nextcloud from any / all computers I get the “Bookmarks Bar” folder in the Bookmarks app link. And that folder seems like it should be and matches the computer browsers. I don’t know how or why exactly because I don’t have anything on the browsers at all that say Bookmarks Bar.

So with all files removed and I push sync all computers, Nothing will return to the files folder which is good I think. However, I don’t know how the Bookmarks app is suppose to work or if a folder should be in there or not.

Am I suppose to have the Bookmarks folder in the file section or only in the Bookmark app section ?

I’m just not sure if I should have left the Bookmarks folder in the files section or not but things were messing up so I didn’t know what to do.

Things seem to sync now but only with the single folder called Bookmarks Bar and that is only in the app section and not in the folder section.
This means I have no access to it from the phone at all.

The Bookmarks folder in the files section is mostly irrelevant to bookmark syncing. If you want to access your bookmarks on your phone you have the option to use floccus with Kiwi Browser or use a dedicated android app for nextcloud bookmarks. The normal nextcloud android app will not be any help with bookmarks.

I don’t know what’s happening now.

I removed all Bookmarks folders, both in the files section and in the bookmark app section on nextcloud.

I pushed bookmarks from the browser to the nextcloud. Then I synced up the other computers.

Now the Bookmarks Bar is back but only that. That is ok I can use it like this.

However, adding bookmarks to a browser just doesn’t stay put.

I add bookmarks it syncs and those bookmarks that I just manually added are gone from the browser again.

I don’t understand how this can happen at all.

AND AND AND Bookmarks folder is back in the files folders again.

Something isn’t right and I don’t know how to diagnose this. It’s simple app should be simple setup.

And Bookmarks folder in the file section isn’t the same as anything anywhere. Just a few links and nothing related to the actual browser bookmarks at all.

I don’t understand what is happening.

The Bookmarks app “settings” says to select archive but you only really get one choice in the files sections. This appears to be the /Bookmarks folder.

Strange there is no Bookmarks bar to even select in the bookmarks app settings.
I can’t fix this and don’t know where to start.

I’m sorry. I can’t help you like this. Based on the misunderstandings I gathered so far, I assume there are more misunderstandings. I suggest you get someone good with technology to help you in person.


It’s very hard to fix when it’s intermittent problems that seem to vary.

The main things that is very strange is that the nextcloud bookmark app itself only lets you select /Bookmarks in the settings itself. You can select another documents folder or some other folder listed in the files section only.

However, the bookmarks app / settings itself does not even reveal the bookmark folders in the bookmarks section of the app itself. See images of the bookmarks app settings = /Bookmarks
Then if you click that field is opens the files section and this is all you can select.
However, if that is the case then why doesn’t bookmarks get saved to this Bookmarks folder and that would be great. I see no reason why this Bookmarks folder isn’t present in the Bookmarks app section itself. So many questions and details about what I see on the screen that do not make sense.

I may have to export browser bookmarks and experiment from scratch without any imported bookmarks just to see what is causing all this craziness.

I do appreciate any input on this subject and it’s baffling and also interesting. Perhaps the app just doesn’t like my imported bookmarks which has been saved for like 20 years. Literally exporting them from browser to browser for 20 years LOL.
Oh well back to the drawing board. See images of my bookmark app and folders it’s weird.

Is this normal for the app ? Is this how yours works ?Screenshot (116)
Shows /Bookmarks folder in settings, then shows only files to select which has no relation to the folders that appear in the bookmark app. 2 different sets of folders for some reason.

Yes. That’s normal. Apparently the UX around the archived bookmarks / files bookmarks is not very clear. Please see this thread: How do the files bookmarks work?

I think I may have to start from scratch and perhaps NOT import bookmarks.

I don’t know why but things are just not working as expected.
I have a folder called Streaming for example. If I add or remove any bookmarks from there one computer shows it in the browser for a while but then disappears.
The other computers never add the bookmark.

Inside of Streaming there is another folder called “streaming other” this folder persists on all computers no matter what you do.
Delete “streaming other” it re-appears and on 2 computers it appears over and over again many times a huge list of the same folder called “streaming other”.

Then in addition if I just delete the entire folder called “Streaming” it will delete from my browser and from nextcloud “Bookmarks Bar” folder.

However, that folder still persists on 2 other computers.

I’m not sure what’s going on but I think I’ll start from scratch and report back. I’ll let nextcloud and floccus do stuff, remove all nextcloud folders for bookmarks and the app. Then reinstall and manually add bookmarks to the browser to see how things react or if the problem persists.

Thanks for the responses but I think I just need to experiment some. I know the nextcloud bookmarks installs and floccuss setting are correct.

So likely something saved and exported over the past 20 years is not desired by floccuss or nextcloud bookmarks for whatever the reason may be.
At least that’s all I can think of for now and then I’ll post back.

I think it’s fixed.

So I turned off the floccus extension in the browser, then cleaned up the computers browser
Deleted the offending folder
Searched for duplicates and deleted them.
Went on nextcloud bookmarks and deleted them there.
Also removed the broken links because there was a lot.

This seems to have possibly fixed everything. Between broken links and some folder that floccuss didn’t like I think it’s fixed.
Thanks to all