Birthdays have disappeared from the Nextcloud calendar

The birthdays of my contacts are no longer shown in the calendar. Is there a way to restore that? Already tried to create a new address book, delete the old one and re-import the contacts into the new one, but the birthdays still did not show up in the calendar.
Does anyone have a hint?

Birthdays a stored in a separate “birthday calendar” and generated from existing contacts.
If you’ve deleted the birthday calendar, you need to created it again by using the occ command line tool:

  dav:create-addressbook <user> <name>

  user                  User for whom the addressbook will be created
  name                  Name of the addressbook

I tried it that way. Created with the command a new address book, contacts imported, but on the calendar page is still no birthday calendar to see.

@copiis I’ve just deleted my birthday calendar and indeed the previously given command didn’t create a new one as I’ve expected it, but the following command did the job:

  dav:sync-birthday-calendar [<user>]

  user                  User for whom the birthday calendar will be synchronized  

Make sure that all birthday dates have been entered in the format “YYYY-MM-DD”.

It worked but I had to use the command in this form

 sudo -u *owner-of-the-nextcloud-folder*  php occ dav:sync-birthday-calendar *nextcloud-user*

*owner-of-the-nextcloud-folder* = is mostly www-data but not allways

*nextcloud-user* = the user of the nextcloud account that hase to be fixed

:+1: Fine, that it has worked now.

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