Big file upload with Windows client fail with "Connection closed"


I rent a Nextcloud Server from Ionos and I want to upload some big files with the Windows client. The smallest is around 150 MB. But it will always fail with the error “connection closed”. With my own selfhosted Nextcloud I do not have any problems.

Should I contact my hoster to change anything or is it possible that I can fix this on my own? I am not sure, but maybe there CDN block files transfers over X MB? I don’t know…

Maybe you can first test another Windows Nextcloud client and clients for Android, iOS and maybe MacOS.

Other Windows PC also not working, same error.

Ok. In that case I would create files of different sizes (under Linux e.g. with “dd”) and then try to find the limit (work/does not work).

The Ionos support told me its a Nextcloud client issue. Nextcloud is working on a solution. Meanwhile we should upload big files via web.

Maybe this helps, but this is the mac client: Mac desktop app 3.10. files over 10 MB don't upload ❌ connection closed - #6 by roNn23

Hello, IMHO it does no makes sense to link differents issues.

The OP does not mention the client version.

I have the same problem with a managed NC from IONOS. I had a chat with the support. His (honestly) answer: “There is nothing they can do, exept waiting for an update of the client. The problem is known.” He said, he is not able to tell when a fixed version will be rolled out. Could be weeks, could be month.

I asked if I am able to upload the files via FTP (around 5 TB!) and later sychronize the database, but that is not allowed by a managed NC.