Mac desktop app 3.10. files over 10 MB don't upload ❌ connection closed

Since two days i can’t upload any data over 10 MB via the desktop client. Getting always the error “connection closed”. It’s a managed Nextcloud from a very big hoster.
Upload via Web or iOS App ALL sizes works, Desktop with files over 10 MB stopped working.

Adding maxChunkSize=10000000000 to nextcloud.cfg didn’t work.

Whats wrong here? My hoster says its a Nextcloud problem.

Version: Managed Nextcloud - 26.0.4 Enterprise
Hoster: Ionos
System: macOS Sonoma 14.0 (23A344)
Desktop App: 3.10.0git (build 17671)

:warning: Downgrade to Desktop Version 3.9.4 works.
So this implies to me theres a huge bug in 3.10 ! :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I would check the PHP parameters, especially the values of “upload_max_filesize” and “post_max_size”. See the Administrator guide for further details.

No access to it - I have Managed Nextcloud !

Contact the Ionos support and ask them to tell you how the parameters have been set on your shared environment.

Please read my initial post - its a managed Nextcloud from a very big hoster - All instances are the same.
There is no problem with the Nextcloud setting itself ONLY with the desktop app.
Upload via Web or iOS App works.

@sese Thank you! Thank you so much for your post. The problem has not just been there for a few days, but for about 2 weeks. I first thought it was because of the bad connection on vacation, but now here at home too. And I tried so many things and researched, nothing helped. At some point I found out it was a problem in the client and uploaded everything via web. I already wanted to switch to Dropbox. Really annoying. I didn’t thought about a downgrade. Now it finally works again. :slight_smile:

Who also wants to downgrade - here are the old versions (remove the old first):

And who is eager to learn more about the bug:

I also confirm this again.
The client couldn’t load more than 10MB.
Downgrade from 3.10. on 3.9.4 helped, everything works again