Best Upgrade Path from ownCloud 8.1.4 (stable) to latest nextcloud

Hi there, I currently have an ownCloud 8.1.4 (stable) production install. I’m looking to get myself moved over to the latest Nextcloud. Since I’m new to Nextcloud, I am not sure if it is like Owncloud where there multiple install methods. If there is, I’m ultimately looking to end up on an Ubuntu 16.04 install with an easily upgradable NextCloud instance. Now with the different versions and versioning numbers between own/nextcloud, I suspect there are a few different version jumping points where you could cross over. Just looking for suggestions to do this in the safest and most straightforward way.

Thanks a ton!

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Hi @clouder. in order to upgrade to the latest version of Nextcloud follow this upgrade procedure and you should be save.
1- Upgrade your your OwnCloud 8.1.4 to OwnCloud 8.2.3 "or later"
2- upgrade from OwnCloud 8.2.3 to NextCloud 9.0
3- From NextCloud 9.0 to NextCloud 10.0
4- From NextCloud 10.0 to NextCloud 11.0.1

PS: Remember to backup(Database, Data-Directory, OwnCloud Config file) and test your nextcloud instance after each upgrade, in this case if something fail you know where it went wrong.

A few links to assist you:
Migrating from OwnCloud 8.2.3 t NextCloud 9–>

NextCloud 11: Admin Manual:

Thanks for that. I got the migration done, but now the server is flakey as heck. Nothing but one issue after another. I’m at the point where I’m considering deploying a new instance and migrating my data and users over.