Best Nextcloud Provider suggestion


Having used the older version Nextcloud for free for years I want to make the move to one of the paid options. I am looking for opinionated suggestions from you guys about which do you think is the best Nextcloud providers.


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Hi Sudhir,

sorry for the late reply. I had a similar discussion about providers here:

So far I’m pretty happy with the hostiso service, and they start for just 22$ / year for 50GB.
There are quite some positive reviews for hostiso online, so I personally think it’s a good choice.


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I have had some bad experiences with a couple providers. Now I am paying a bit more than I would have liked with Thexyz but it includes backups and speeds are much better than anything else I have used.

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Our services :

with no bandwidth limit, full external backup included and collabora for all plans !!!

I still don’t get how they can have such low prices, but it just works ! I’ve seen good service for almost a year now, I use a dedicated instance for a 5p-team in an NGO, and when a web-upgrade failed, the support was very reactive, and quickly fixed it up. Collabora is available and works well too :+1: - from free to business packages:

  • FREE 3 GB with large amount of free apps, onlyoffice, task, notes, gallery, audio.
  • Basic Cloud from 4$ for 100GB, extra GB is only 0.02$ per GB, up to 5 TB, full install, admin panel, cPanel, email, ssl, and much more, fully managed and supported.
  • VPS and dedicated solutions , fully managed and supported.
  • Locations : Canada, Singapore, Germany, France, USA
  • Extra for FREE : SSL, support, upgrades, migration and more …

Being redirected to the correct post, and actually, looking for some better one myself, I can suggest as following

  2. cloud.operationtulip.

Both are fast and respect privacy, afaihn. Also, tab digital provides 8GB, while operationtulip provides 50GB.

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I think there are a lot of good free nextcloud providers to start with nextcloud. works great. Operantiontulip not tested but it uses KVM and Ceph.
In Germany you can use e. g. PixelX

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I think you could have given the direct link for next-cloud, as the next-cloud host certificate error does not allow redirect on newer FF. does look good, but has some important things under limitations (like backup for 7 days only)…

I think for good services you must pay more money. It is helpfully to have direct contact with telephone or email to provider.