Best Nextcloud Provider suggestion

Hello, @devnull details and info about our ( Starter and Medium+ Nextcloud packages can be found here In terms of support we have a dedicated ticketing system (using Zammad, the open source support software), email and scheduled video calls. Our small, but growing tech support team that has been involved with Nextcloud for quite some time. Our focus is to support mainly solopreneurs and small-medium teams (SMEs). If you have questions you can also schedule a call with @Silva.Arapi or myself and we 'd more than happy to answer you: Cheers,


Hi @sudhirkhanger and anyone else who stumbles upon this post,
we at LaceWing Tech offer Nextcloud hosting + support for small- to medium-sized teams and solo-professionals who are looking for quality support and security.
We’re happy to answer questions, contact us or learn more about our products.
Best from Berlin,
LaceWing Tech team

I’m using Cloudeezy on a Professional package for more than one year now (186 users), so far, so good.

I haven’t experienced downtime and the support is reactive.