Backups with Backup App not working


I installed the backup up and did the setup which is necessary to start.

Created an external storage, SFTP. Connected and working.

A backup seems to be created, but I got the following
It says: Cannot confirm integrity…

The backup is also not transferred to the external storage. I see a folder with the backup name on the external storage, thgis folder has many subfolders in it. But all of them empty.

Can anyone help?


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A manually deleted all backups fom the local folder, but there is still a backup shown in the NC backup app…

Nobody any ideas?

It’s not your issue, but the tips might help you to debug your problem:

and perhaps open a bug report yourself if necessary.

Thanks, So it seems the app has lot of bugs. A backup app should be tested more intensely. A damaged or not working backup is useless. Nothing to rely on.

I will uninstall the app and wit till it is working

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It was released as beta test:

There was a huge demand from users for such an app. And it needs testing.

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Is there anyone who could make the Backup App work?

Is it working with the 1.0.6 version? Or still waste of time?

What exactly is your bug, does this describe it?

Then you can follow this bug report and see when it gets fixed.

If that isn’t your bug, then create your own bug report.


I am trying to use the backup app 1.0.6

After configuring as requested I am getting the following message:
“The creation of a restoring point as been requested and will be initiated soon.”

But the task is never starting!

How can I delete or cancel this activity and restart it again?
Or any other idea which could help?

De-activating or deleting and re-install the backup app is directly showing the message as written above…



got it fixed!

Some permissions issues, based on my last migration…

Thx and regards


I got the same issue here, at least it looks the same from what the UI shows.
What was the root cause of your permission problem, how did you solve it?


sorry, but it was different as it was looking in the first step.
Therefore not the permissions was the issue.

My issue was that I have used the “AJAX” for the cron part which was not functioning or whatever.

After changing it to cron - based on the nextcloud documentation, which also explains how to set it up with sudo -u www-data crontab -e … etc… - it took then some time.

something like 20-30 minutes.
Looks like that several checks and details were not done because of that.

At the end, after cron has finalized, the backup was starting.