Backup Tool for Nextcloud?

My intention would be to make a regular backup of the data on the nextcloud to a remote synology server.
Does there exist any app I could simply set up so it will backup 2 folders to remote server?

Do you want to backup only the data or the whole Nextcloud. For the whole Nextcloud read Backup and Restore. If you want only backup the data use a backup tool to backup the relevant folders.

I am currently using Borg Backup which is amazing and there are a lot of tutorials and they have great documentation.

How do you install it in nextcloud?

I will share a link which is a provider for borg backups but if you do not want to pay just read their docs. They provide different solutions on how to use Borg backup and there is even an app you can use if you are not comfortable with CLI.

Borg installation docs: Installation — Borg - Deduplicating Archiver 1.2.4 documentation
Borgbase docs: Borg | BorgBase Docs

Check Vorta if you want to use an app.

This is describing some backup using linux

I was actually looking for an app which I could install in nextcloud itself.
Does nothing like that exist?

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Seems to be one but never used it: Backup - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

seems also to be a tool for different linux and hast be installed from cli on the linux machine.

where do I find it?

this one does not exixst in my appstore

The app Backup is only supported till Nextcloud 25. For export of single user you can test the app User migration. Please test export und import of this app if you want to use it.

It is better to backup/restore Nextcloud from outside Nextcloud. Read my links above. For that you can use e.g. BorgBackup, rsnapshot, rsync or scp/sftp.

I just wanted to mention that Nextcloud AIO comes with a complete backup solution based on borg backup. See if you should be interested to move to AIO.

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There is no easy backup solution built into Nextcloud as an app.
You’ll need to set up and maintain backups yourself using some tool outside of Nextcloud. :heart:

Quick hint: if you are using a DBMS (MariaDB or PostgreSQL ) remember that the database files will be held open the whole time the DBMS is running, and will not backup cleanly from the OS level. Ensure you read the DBMS documentation to ensure you have a clean backup.

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OK, understood.
Hope there will be a solution one day

As I can not work with anything on the OS and you probabaly talk abt some linux matters, it is not so important for me.

In fact I had in mind, that there would be an app, whic can be installed from the appstore and this would make it possible to copy the work folder let say daily to somewhere else.

But this seem not to exist.

yse this looks as the only solution. This means to pull the data rather then push somewhere. But simple solutions are not so many.
My intension was to copy our work folder regularly , let say daily, to a synology server.
This seem not to be supportted by nextcloud.

this not a solution for me. I would need to have linux knowledge and a linux server in front of me.
I am just the admin of a nextcloud for a small group of relieve workers.

well, all I get so far is links to some linux sw which I have no idea how to use it. I have no linux, I have just some windows pc and I am adminitering nexcloud for small group of releive workers.

I have some experience with synology servers so far, but I did never have to do any work from cli there. All was just av from their appstore. This is why I am so surprised not to find commonly neede solutions.

This applies for all operating system and database management systems.

probably yes, but I never came over such terms,thught I do backup of data under windows and synology, I think an avarage user has nothing to do with it.