Backup & replication Offisite?

Not really a Issue, but since i am relying on nextcloud at home for all my storage and files, DITCHED google cloud & dropbox, came from owncloud too ! What is everyone doing to backup their next cloud or replicating it for a disaster ? I currently have min in a vm on my Hyperv box with not one single issue, but would be nice to have a off site backup or all the users / data replicated to another box in-case there was a issue…

Thought suggestions ?

restic can backup your files to aws s3, azure blob, backblaze, openstack, … directly.
if you install rclone you have a greater choice of backup targets.

restic backups are encrypted so it should be save to put them on public cloud storage.

I also use attached external drive on other machine to do monthly backups with rsync

And using this script to do daily MariaDB backup via tar.gz.gpg archive with encryption to the Mega. You can save your backup everywhere, since you are using gpg and sending new random passwords to your self e.g. via e-mails.