Backup & replication Offisite?

Not really a Issue, but since i am relying on nextcloud at home for all my storage and files, DITCHED google cloud & dropbox, came from owncloud too ! What is everyone doing to backup their next cloud or replicating it for a disaster ? I currently have min in a vm on my Hyperv box with not one single issue, but would be nice to have a off site backup or all the users / data replicated to another box in-case there was a issue…

Thought suggestions ?

restic can backup your files to aws s3, azure blob, backblaze, openstack, … directly.
if you install rclone you have a greater choice of backup targets.

restic backups are encrypted so it should be save to put them on public cloud storage.

I also use attached external drive on other machine to do monthly backups with rsync

And using this script to do daily MariaDB backup via tar.gz.gpg archive with encryption to the Mega. You can save your backup everywhere, since you are using gpg and sending new random passwords to your self e.g. via e-mails.

FWIW I’m still working out my salvation are I repent of my Google lifestyle and my plan is still a work in progress but here’s what I’m doing:

I opted to have a hosted and supported VM because, while I’m more than capable of managing this in house I have other concerns like what if we have a fire, what if we’re abroad and my house has a power hit, what if something happens to me and my wife is left holding the bag (my best friend and uber geek wing man succumbed to cancer last year and left me with a mission to think ahead). I settled on Cloud68 after going through a number of other folks because we get each other. They are cool, they do backups, they are a company, things can happen to companies as well so…

I have a TrueNAs Core server here in my home data closet (literally a coat closet we didn’t use so I put a thermostatically controlled vent fan in the ceiling and…data closet!) and I utilize the canned Cloud Sync task to replicate all data down to it. Not a full NextCloud but all of the content is here, my wife know most of my geek friends and she has access to my Bitwarden if if I hit the fan she knows who to call and they know what to do.