File encoding problem

Hi, If I try to store a filename like >> über alle.txt <<< I get the following filename on the OS-level: ‘’$’\303\244\303\266’‘iualle.txt’

But on the web UI the filename looks correct.

Is this the correct? Or is there something to configure to get ride of this ?

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NC 16.0.1
Ubuntu 18.04

And what is the problem? For me it looks good, on OC Level it is valid name and in GUI you see original name.
Basically you will mask such kind of symbols in http also:

In the same way it id done in NC.

Why you would like to access files on OS level? I can only understand if you do it on configured external storage, then just do not use " Umlaut" or special characters in file names.

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i thought the same… but then i was asking myself if a proper configuration of the server would help avoiding these problems… like setting up your system as being iso-9959-1 certified or such.

that was again something i asked myself as well… coming up with no real reason. but well yes… of course on external storages it makes sense… but then again, you need to sync/scan those into your nc. but this is a different problem :wink:

Hi, thanks for response.

My problem is google. I backup my server with gsutil and there is this error:

Caught non-retryable exception while listing file:///var/www/nextcloud/data/: ‘ascii’ codec can’t encode character u’\xfc’ in position 46: ordinal not in range(128)

this happend if you use german characters or spaces in the filename.

OK, the problem with the gsutil sync can be fixed with the correct locale settings.

I had to change the /etc/default/locale file with


after a reboot the sync works as expected and locale shows

nc:~# locale

If you do backup to Google, it is smart to encrypt your data folder before to push to google or somewhere else.


I’m using customer-supplied encryption keys, so the risk is very low. But you are right, I can encrypt my data by my own, e.g with PGP or AES256, BUT for the /data folder I have to use rsync, because I don’t want to copy every day all files over the network.

So there is no perfect solution, I think.

How does restic work? If I do a backup very day to the repository is there also a sync mechanism or the hole data is copied very day?

As per link from above:

Here is an explanation: Rsync to cloud storage for backups?

Or do rsync into archive

thanks for the hint about restic. I will have a deeper look on this piece of software this evening.